Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Ubisoft Explains Why It Has Banned Farming Levels With the Story Creator

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

n the fiery days of E3 2019, Ubisoft has made available the AC Creator Story Creator: since then, several users have used the mission editor to create quests devoted to easy farming, thus pushing the French giant to ban such levels.

With an open letter published on the pages of the official Ubisoft forum and addressed to all those who have seen themselves deleted these levels , the representatives of the transalpine company explain that “the Story Creator mode was designed to be a tool that allows players to free your creativity and imagination while building and sharing your stories with others, all using a modified version of the same tools used by our designers to develop missions in the game “ .

“Unfortunately, however, since the launch of the beta testing version we have noticed a growing flow of farming-based research, add Ubisoft representatives in reference to “missions that use this tool to obtain large amounts of experience points. These exploits risk to compromise the general quality, integrity, and purpose of the Story Creator mode and translate into lower visibility for the most creative, interesting and frankly fantastic stories that have been published by our community”.

By choosing to ban these levels and make them no longer available, French authors wish to “focus on gratifying the creativity of our fans, highlighting quality quests. We are also working on corrections and changes to reduce the impact of such searches and quests on the player’s experience. We are also changing the terms of use of the Story Creator to prevent creators from publishing these kinds of stories in the future”, suggesting that those who continue to create and share missions based on easy farming may encounter in your account ban.

Still on AC Odyssey, did you know that a modder has created a tool that allows you to remove the interface from this and many other PC games?