Dreams Early Access: User Recreates All Super Mario 64 Animations!


The extraordinary versatility and ease of use of the Dreams editor tools allow a user who is participating in the Early Access phase on PS4 to honor Super Mario 64 by recreating the entire set of animations of Nintendo’s mustachioed hero.

Starting from the base offered by a test level designed to test animations of in-game characters created from scratch with Dreams development tools, the author of this unique project has tried to make an exact copy of the attacks, moves and abilities of the first, legendary 3D chapter of the Super Mario platform series, marketed on Nintendo 64 at the launch of the Kyoto home console in the now distant June of 1996. Unlike the fan-made remake of Crash Bandicoot by Dreams from the Cyberpunk-inspired mini-game 2077, therefore, in this case, it is a real test carried out to perfectly replicate the moves and animations of the original game for N64.

The final result obtained by the user known as PieceOfCraft is simply incredible, as we can see in the link shared by the same author on Reddit and in the demonstration video prepared by the curators of the Project Genesis YouTube channel dedicated to, precisely, Dreams and its close-knit community of content creators and simple enthusiasts.

Those who are participating in the Early Access phase of the Creative Media Molecule sandbox can use the inDreams application and the browser integrated into the game to search the Sogniverso for the level in question by typing “Mahreo (64 Move Set)”. Take a look at the video you find at the top of the news and tell us what you think of this project.