Gears 5: Among the New Features of the Multiplayer There Are the 60 Hz Servers

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Very little is left to the debut of the trial version of the multiplayer section of Gears 5 and, to satisfy the curiosity of the users, The Coalition has provided numerous details regarding this specific aspect of the third person shooter.

Let’s start with what is perhaps the most important information announced: the servers will be 60 Hz. This means that problems relating to unsuccessful hits or incorrect detection of the same should be significantly reduced due to the tick rate. Another novelty concerns the presence of “weapon tuning”, although in this case, the developers did not enter into specifics. It is not clear if we intend therefore the simple customization of the appearance of the various guns or the possibility of modifying components such as sights, body accessories and much more. As for the gameplay, the developers promised the presence of recoil-based gunplay,

Moving on to the additional content, all the PvP mode maps should be free, while the Escape mode maps could be free. However, no Season Pass will be available. Furthermore, unlike its predecessor, there will be no loot boxes and any aesthetic content can be purchased directly in the store. It seems that it is still possible for players to get this kind of content simply by playing.

We remind you that Gears 5 will arrive in all stores starting next September 10th, 2019 exclusively on PC and Xbox One. Anyone with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription can play the title for free from day one.

Did you know that all references to smoking from Gears 5 have been removed? You can also watch the Gears 5 Training Grounds map on video.