Gears 5: Rod Fergusson Explains the Choice to Avoid Any Reference to Smoking

Gears 5 ESPORT

As we have told you in recent days, Gears of War 5 has banned smoking, and therefore in the video game, it will not be represented in any way. It is a precise choice of the developers, and in particular of the boss of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, who explained the reasons.

“I don’t want to advertise or make something addictive glamorous and it kills you. I don’t want to be a moralist, but simply spread what I believe, after losing friends because of lung cancer ,” said Fergusson , who responded to those who accused him of a sort of basic hypocrisy, given that the Gears franchise is aimed at adults and shows brutal representations of violence and even alcohol abuse.

The head of The Coalition also explained that the Dizzy concept art of Gears 2 showed it with a cigarette, but that in the final product this feature was eliminated.

Some games in the series indeed showed some representations of the smoke, but from Gears 4 onwards, these were totally eliminated, and Fergusson said that as long as he is at the head of the series, they will not return.

In short, the choice gave rise to some discussion, but Fergusson’s final decision will not be changed: “If you had the ability to create a new world, what would you change?” the author commented.