Halo Infinite Welcomes Sperasoft, the Authors of Animations of Mass Effect Andromeda

Halo Infinite: New Rumors About Cross-Gen Output on PC, Xbox One and Scarlett

Based on a news release from GenerationXbox colleagues and quickly bounced on the net, Microsoft’s top management decided to make an agreement with Sperasoft to help the authors of 343 Industries in the development of Halo Infinite animations.

The Californian company has many years of experience in the sector, contributing to the production of blockbusters such as Rainbow Six Siege, AC Odyssey, COD Black Ops 4, Anthem and Mortal Kombat 11.

Fueling the concerns of some members of the Halo community, however, there is the memory, still fresh in the minds of sci-fi video game fans, the work done by the authors of Sperasoft with criticatissime animations of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Despite the ample guarantees given by the US team, therefore, the dubious approach adopted by Sperasoft in the creation of the animations of the characters of ME Andromeda has led many users to accept this news with relative coldness. In this regard, it is, however, worth pointing out that Sperasoft’s role in developing Halo Infinite will only and exclusively support343 Industries, unlike what happened in the past with Mass Effect Andromeda animations.

At mammoth cross-gen project for Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett the new chapter of Halo will also collaborate the programmers SkyBox Labs , the software architect of the ill-fated sandbox Project Spark reinventing itself in recent years as a company specializing in the creation of middleware to improve netcode, the ‘AI and gameplay in high-budget shooter multiplayer modes. Before leaving any further comments to you, we remind you that Halo Infinite will be available in late 2020 on Xbox One and Scarlett.