Look at Leonardo’s Mona Lisa Recreated with Super Mario Maker 2 Sprite Art

Super Mario Maker 2

Give the right game and lots of free time to gamers, and you will see real works of art born. We have seen it in Fortnite, for example, where flash mobs, concerts, and various improvisations are certainly not lacking in creativity, and now we see it in Super Mario Maker 2.

On the other hand, it is a video game that makes creativity the first necessary condition to fully enjoy it, so it is not surprising that behind the story we are about to tell you there is the title dedicated to the world of Mario and his friends.

A user Reddit posted what at first glance looks just like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci ‘s famous Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Yet as we approach the image we see that there is something wrong, and by zooming we can see that it is composed using the sprite art of Super Mario World.

“I created a program that takes an image, a set of sprites from Super Mario Maker 2 and recreates the same approximate image, using just the game’s sprites”, explained the user. The program in question is called Python 3 and although it has not yet been completed, an online version has been put with a sort of guide to use its code, to make it accessible even to the less experienced, so expect to see other creations of the kind in the coming days.

The game has already inspired the community in an impressive way: over 2 million levels have already been created on Super Mario Maker 2 by its players.