Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Endgame Has Been Made More Difficult

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Two New Weapons Trailers

Capcom has decided to make the Monster Hunter World endgame: Iceborne more difficult than the basic game, after receiving feedback from fans in this regard. Prepare yourself for tougher challenges even after the long-awaited September 6th expansion is over.

“We took the feedback from players who wanted more difficulty and more challenge very seriously, and we did it,” said executive director Kaname Fujioka. In short, the endgame will be part of the game where the most hardcore players will spend more time.

Monster Hunter World had been made a little easier because Capcom took into account the fact that for many players it would be the first title in the series, and therefore avoided making things too difficult for him. Now obviously the authors are ready to raise the bar. Iceborne will, therefore, be more complex, as expected from expansion, but obviously, if you are among those who have continued to play the basic title with all the post-launch contents, the equipment you have will make your life a little more easy.

The expansion will also have a dynamic difficulty system for the first time, which will change the monster’s health depending on the number of players. An added feature to avoid making battles too difficult if one of the team members were to leave the game in the middle of a challenge.