Nintendo Switch Pro Will Not Be Released Soon After Digital Foundry

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Nintendo Switch Lite will be released in September but many are hoping that the Kyoto house could also present a PRO version of the console in the coming months: could it really happen? Not immediately, according to Digital Foundry.

Richard Leadbetter states that ” Nintendo is a company that looks ahead, so much so that Switch’s firmware already seems to be able to support a new version of the Tegra X1 processor,” however, at this moment there is no evidence to prove the existence of a more powerful model, at least not in the short or medium term. “

The famous Digital Foundry technician, however, relaunches the hypothesis of a PS4 PRO style Boost Mode: ” Nintendo Switch presents an architecture that is well suited to higher CPU, GPU, and RAM clocks, with very little compatibility problems. “

A few days ago we talk about a hardware upgrade for Nintendo Switch, a revision of the console with an updated SoC and perhaps a greater amount of memory. Even in this case, however, it is pure speculation and no confirmation has come from the Kyoto house, the only certainty is that the company will launch Nintendo Switch Lite on September 20, at a price of 219.98 euros.