Pokemon Go: Guide and Tricks to Earn 50 Pokemonete Free per Day

After having explained to you how to obtain all the forms of Alola (with the relative chromatic versions), in this mini-guide of Pokemon GO we give you some useful tips to earn 50 Pokemonete free per day in the game.

As the Pokemon GO coaches will know, Pokemonets is the in-game currency of the game that can be purchased through the outlay of real money. With the Pokemonete you can buy different items from the store such as Pokeballs, Potions, Berries and so on.

Fortunately, if you do not intend to put your wallet in place, there is the possibility of obtaining up to 50 Pokemonets free per day. Below we explain how to do it, giving you some tips to earn Pokemonets as efficiently as possible.

Earn 1 Pokemoneta every 10 minutes

The coaches will be rewarded with Pokemonete after their Pokemon has returned from a gym he defended. To be more precise, the gain is equal to 1 Pokemoneta for every 10 minutes your Pokemon stays in the gym. Once your creature is defeated, it will once again become part of your team, providing you with the Pokemonete reward calculated based on the Pokemon’s minutes.

Maximum 50 Pokemonete per day

As we said earlier, players can earn a maximum of 50 Pokemonets free per day by leaving their Pokemon to defend a gym. Since you will earn 1 Pokemonete for every 10 minutes of your Pokemon’s stay in the gym, this means that to earn 50 Pokemonete you will have to leave your Pokemon to defend the gyms for a total of 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Tips and strategies to earn 50 Pokemonete per day

Leave the Pokemon just before the Raid begins. Raid
battles usually last up to 60 minutes. Leave one of your Pokemon to defend the gym just before the boss battle begins: this way your creature will stay in the gym for the duration of the Raid.

Place your Pokemon last
Wait to be one of the last coaches to leave your Pokemon in the gym. This way your Pokemon will not be the first to fight, and you will increase your stay in the gym.

Pokemon resistant
Pokemon with many life points such as Blissey, Snorlax and Slaking, as well as Pokemon with few weak points, will be very useful in the defense of the gyms. These creatures will remain standing longer to defend the gyms, allowing you to earn more Pokemonets.

Assign Pokemon to many gyms
Assign several of your Pokemon to different gyms in the area. By doing this you can earn Pokemonete faster, but don’t forget to keep your creatures motivated!

Keeping the motivation of your Pokemon high
In Pokemon GO there is a “motivation system” that measures the degree of resistance of the Pokemon left behind to defend the gyms. When their motivation drops to “0”, your Pokemon are ejected from the gym. To increase the motivation of your Pokemon left to defend the gyms, feed them berries and sweets.

Heal and revive Pokemon
Pokemon that are thrown out of the gym return with 0 life. It is always better to revive and heal them as soon as possible so that they can be sent back to defend the gyms. All you have to do is take advantage of the potions and all the healing objects you have.

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