Ready at Dawn Opens up to a Possible Acquisition of the Studio

Ready at Dawn

Insider Klobrille shared a passage from a recent interview with Ru Weerasuriya, co-founder of Ready At Dawn, study author of games like The Order 1886, God of War Ghost of Sparta and God of War Chains of Olympus.

The RAD co-founder and creative director was interviewed by GameInformer USA on the occasion of E3 2019, but only now is an interesting segment made known in which Weerasuriya opens up to a possible acquisition of the company: ” I would have nothing against it if someone comes to our studio and after appreciating the talent of the team propose a collaboration or even an acquisition. “

Ready At Dawn is currently working on a new independent AAA game, but for some time there has been talking of possible interest from Microsoft for this talented software house, strongly linked to Sony in recent years. Rumors are also not uncommon that they would like a sequel to The Order 1886 for PS5 already under development … which RAD could have put in PlayStation new projects? At the moment it is only speculation and the study remains absolutely independent for now.