The Visualizations of the Streams on Fortnite and the Battle Royale Are Still Falling

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We’ll tell you right away: to say that the genre is in decline or that it’s about to hit the bottom is absolutely wrong considering the numbers that Fortnite and the Battle Royale, in general, are able to generate. But that their views are falling is a fact.

This is demonstrated by statistics from Stream Elements which, together with the site SullyGnomes specializing in statistics and analysis by Twitch , took into consideration the so-called listening data of such games, including Fortnite , Apex Legends and PUBG , using data from all sites more streaming like, in addition to the aforementioned Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Gaming and Mixer.

According to the data collected, Fortnite suffered a drop in visualizations of around 3.66%. As mentioned at the beginning, it is not yet an alarm bell, as the game is more active than ever thanks to the continuous events launched by Epic Games (by the way, the Robot VS Monsters in Fortnite event is about to arrive ), and since we are still talking about over 300 million hours of gaming watched by users. However, since this is the fourth consecutive quarter in which the stock is experiencing a drop in average audience figures, perhaps it can be interpreted as a small sign that something is changing in the tastes of the public.

Also because the situation is decidedly less rosy with regards to Apex Legends, for example, which in the first quarter of 2019 boasted 183 million hours of gaming watched by users, while now it is out of the top 10 with 65.4 million hours. PUBG is still in the top 10, but in the tenth position, and with a 4.3% drop in views.

In short, the genre is not dead and is certainly not coming to an end, but the audience figures certainly begin to reflect on the long-term future of the Battle Royale. What do you think?