Ubisoft Will Use Hitrecords Again for Watch Dogs Legion, and It’s Controversial

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Ubisoft wants fans to help create the Watch Dogs Legion soundtrack, but not all that glitters is gold. Last year the software house announced that it wanted to include player-created elements in Beyond Good and Evil 2 using HitRecord.

It is a platform, founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which finds and pays artists for their work on drawings, music, and history of a video game, for example. Which seems great at first sight, but if we consider that the budget made available was less than $50,000 and that the artists whose contribution was not chosen for the game, were not paid, it starts to raise some doubts.

This is certainly a way to give visibility to artists with less experience and fame, but we live in a world where their work is often underestimated, and commission them for a job that then risks not being paid, simply not suitable for artists.

As we have told you, Ubisoft will use HitRecord for the soundtrack of Watch Dogs Legion, which is likely to generate further controversy: the songs chosen for the soundtrack will, in fact, be paid, but at the moment we do not know how much, and probably also in this case, to the authors of the songs that will not be included in the soundtrack will not be given refunds. A decision destined to be discussed.