After Leaving Sony, John Drake Joins Disney: He Will Manage IPs like Marvel and Star Wars


After having formalized his separation with Sony, where in recent years he has held the role of portfolio strategy and content manager, John Drake has revealed that he has joined the ranks of Disney.

As confirmed by the twitter you find at the bottom of the news, Drake has been hired as vice president of the Business Development and Licensing for Games division of the company, and will be responsible for pairing the most important developers and publishers in the world with the most representative IPs Disney license plates, among which we certainly find Star Wars and the Marvel universe .

“I am excited to announce that I have joined the Disney team as VP of Business Development and Licensing for Games to help couple developers and publishers with the best IPs in the world.

I’ve been a fan of Disney all my life: animation, live-action, Pixar, and now Star Wars, Marvel, Fox and all the rest. It’s a fantastic time to bring these worlds into the gaming and interactive world! And it’s a wonderful team: “We need people to turn the dream into reality”.

It seems natural that Disney wants to focus more on relations with developers and external producers of the videogame industry, since the company has made it clear that, at least for the moment, it prefers not to go back to developing video games internally, given the mixed results achieved when it has tried in the past. Currently, among Disney’s partners in the gaming industry, we cite Square-Enix (Marvel’s Avengers, Kingdom Hearts), Sony (Marvel’s Spider-Man), Electronic Arts (Star Wars franchise), and others.