Angels and Demons Arriving in the Fortnite Store Update


The eternal struggle between good and evil is about to break out on Fortnite … no well, maybe we have a little exaggerated, yet the skins offered for sale in today ‘s Fortnite store update really seem to go that way, given that these are outfits that will transform us into angels or demons.

You decide which side to take, whether from the celestial creatures, with the legendary 2000 V-Bucks skin Ark or if by the henchmen of the Evil One, with the epic Malcore skin, from 1500 V-Bucks. If nothing else, it costs less to be bad.

The Evil Eye and Virtue picks, the Divine cover and the rare Dare skin are also on sale. As for the Daily Sales instead, we find for sale three emotes Intensity, Squat Kick and Whirlwind, along with the uncommon Scarlet Defender skin and the Contrast cover.

As usual, we remind you that the update of the shop will be online from around 13.00 (GMT +2) and that the items you buy will have the sole function of changing the aesthetics of your character. Have you already decided how to spend your hard-earned V-Bucks?

As for the latest game news, Fortnite’s popularity seems to be declining, along with that of the other Battle Royales. Is that why Epic Games is going to put a new shotgun in Fortnite?