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Apex Legends Pathfinder Guide

The happy-go-lucky robot, Pathfinder, is one of the less popular Legends in the game. Overshadowed by other seemingly more capable supports like Lifeline (the mechanical-version of Spider-Man), Pathfinder is often left behind in the pickings during character select. But don’t let that fool you—Pathfinder is a great support that provides advantageous intel to squadmates. Besides its optimistic charm, Pathfinder provides a rewarding experience to players who give him a chance. You don’t need to spend any Apex Legends currency to unlock him, so why not give him a shot? Keep on reading our guide to learn more about the Forward Scout’s strengths, weaknesses, and all the essentials you need to know to use his abilities effectively.

Pathfinder: A Non-Healing Support?!

Despite being categorized as a support, it’s hard to compete as Pathfinder with other more in-demand characters like Lifeline. Unlike Lifeline, Pathfinder can’t offer healing benefits—much to the dismay of your squadmates. However, there is a silver lining to it: his passive ability. His passive, Insider Knowledge, allows Pathfinder to scan a small beacon to reveal where the next safe zone will be after the existing zone shrinks. This is perfect for planning out how you and your squad will get to the next designated safe zone. It’s best to use your passive ability when the previous circle has just shrunk so your team will have the most time to reach the new area.

Pathfinder in a Team Composition

Composing the perfect team of three requires a bit of trial and error. To synchronize the abilities of other Legends with your own is a difficult but rewarding experience. Once perfect the wombo combo and coordination with the team that you’re looking for, you’re bound to win some games. When playing as Pathfinder, you will automatically be the de facto scout for the team. By scoping out your squad’s path ahead, you can easily alert them of any lurking dangers—all thanks to your tactical and ultimate ability. As the Forward Scout, your job is to use your mobility-oriented abilities to snuff out enemy hideouts and pinpoint key locations that may be advantageous to your squad.

More than Just Speed

While blinding speed and the inherent ability to gain the higher ground is the Crème de la Crème of Pathfinder’s kit, there’s just so much more you can do given the variety of positions you can camp off to behind enemy vision. His Grappling Hook, although mainly used to latch onto roofs and around corners, can land you perfect positions for flanking enemies. This ability has a high skill ceiling and can take you more than just a few games to master. Besides flanking, you can also use Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook to get him to high ground—perfect for sniping. By having a Longbow or Kraber equipped, you can easily one-shot enemies should you get a decent vantage point.

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability, the Zipline Gun, also serves up a plethora of ways for players to traverse the surrounding terrain. You and your team can reach seemingly inaccessible areas, allowing you to spot enemies and snipe them. However, your ziplines, can’t be removed once deployed, so this means that even enemies can use them too. Besides that, you can also use his ultimate ability to slither out of harm’s way as a last resort.

That’s about all the important things you need to know about Pathfinder. Verticality is something he offers that other Legends don’t, so use this advantage as much as you can to one-up your enemies. Hook onto the rooftops, zip away to higher terrain, and get the jump on enemies where they don’t expect you. Pathfinder is free-to-play and does not require any Apex Legends currency to get. If you have all the skins for Pathfinder, check out our Apex Account Calculator to know just how much your account is worth!