Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The “the Judgment of Atlantis” Dlc Shows up in the Trailer!


On the narrative arc, The Destiny of Atlantis is about to bring the curtain down. Today, July 16th, the third and last DLC of the saga will be published.

Entitled “The Judgment of Atlantis” , this new content will bring gamers once again to the center of the myth of the legendary Atlantean civilization. Atlantis is an evolved city, in which science and technology thrive and human beings and Isu seek to create a perfect society. Behind the charm of this setting, however, lies intrigue and corruption and the player will be called upon to make important decisions about the future of Atlantis. The origins of our character will, in fact, lead him to be named “Dikastes” , a sort of judge who answers exclusively to Poseidon. To get a preview of what awaits you in the Kingdom of Atlantis, you just need to view the trailer that you find directly at the beginning of this news

Are you ready to finally know the conclusion of the events narrated in the saga of The Destiny of Atlantis?