Astral Chain: The Protagonist Will Not Be Dubbed; New Gameplay Video

Astral Chain: Half an Hour of Explosive Action in the Gameplay Video of the Nintendo Treehouse

In a new update published on the official blog of Platinum Games, Takahiro Iwagami, a cinematic artist who is working on Astral Chain facial animations, explained why the protagonist of the new game by Nier’s authors: Automata will not be dubbed.

To be precise, the protagonist of Astral Chain will be partially dubbed: in fact, you will be able to hear his screams when he cries out for the Legion’s battle mates. But apart from that, there will be no dialogue as part of the narrative cutscenes in which we will hear a word uttered by our alter ego. The motivation behind this design choice was explained by Iwagami himself:

“I want the players to be able to project themselves onto the protagonist so that they can feel part of the game in a natural way. So we didn’t give them extreme expressions that could relegate them to a too default personality. 

In addition, we propose at the top of the news a new gameplay video of the YouTuber GameXplain dedicated to the promising new Platinum Games action game in which, in addition to the usual spectacular action scenes, we can also take a look at the investigation phases.

Leaving you to the vision, we remind you that Astral Chain will be launched exclusively on Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019.