Code Vein: A New Video Presents the “Partners”, NPCs That Will Support Us

The Code Vein Closed Network Test Registrations Are Open!

On the occasion of E3 2019, Bandai Namco showed the public a new, engaging trailer for Code Vein, with which the game’s release date was finally confirmed.

The dark-colored production now returns to show itself in an interesting behind the scenes, thanks to which the development team presents in detail a particular category of NPCs. Defined as “Partners” , the latter will be able to assist our video game alter ego, providing support. The creators of Code Vein highlight how the realization of this mechanic required a lot of attention, in order to offer the player a valid and effective help. For all the details, you can take a look at this short but interesting video, available directly at the beginning of this news: have a good vision!

We take this opportunity to remind you that Code Vein will officially debut on the gaming market next Friday 27 September. The game will be available in PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions.