David Cage Explains to Us That Detroit Become Human Is Often Replayed Several Times

Detroit Become Human

During a discussion that took place during the new edition of Gamelab (which also featured the well-known Josef Fares, author of A Way Out), David Cage, leader of Quantic Dream, returned to talk about the latest software effort French house: Detroit Become Human.

Proving itself a good commercial success for the development company and welcomed by critics, Detroit Become Human has managed to bring up the name of Quantic Dream after the half-false step taken with Beyond: Two Souls. The title has also succeeded in an intent never really achieved by the previous narrative productions of the studio: to convince users to play the entire adventure more than once.

As you know, both Heavy Rain and Beyond already offered different final results depending on the choices made by the player during his game. However, few have launched themselves into a second or third playthrough to find out about alternative endings. Instead, the company succeeded in Detroit, and the motivation behind this success is explained directly by David Cage :

“What I find interesting about Detroit is that we managed to get people to replay so that they could see all the different ramifications, which is quite rare in a narrative game. We reached it because we showed all the roads and variants of the story”. 
Quantic Dream has in fact briefly illustrated all the possible narrative paths of the chapters of the game with practical diagrams (below is the one related to the first mission). Cage explained that his goal is that at least 30% of those who play his titles will return for a second game: these are the numbers obtained with Detroit.

Detroit Become Human is now available on PlayStation 4 and will also be released on PC during the fall (a demo will be launched on Epic Store).