Detroit Become Human and a Way Out: For the Authors, Twitch and YOUTUBE Have Boosted Sales

Detroit Become Human- David Cage Traces The Origins Of The Project

Detroit: Become Human, part of the PlayStation Plus games of July, and A Way Out were the protagonists of many streaming gameplay both on Youtube and on Twitch: according to the authors, this did not damage sales, but, on the contrary, favored them.

Intervening on the subject during a panel organized on the occasion of Gamelab Barcelona, the creative directors of the two titles, David Cage and Josef Fares respectively, highlighted some interesting elements. Regarding Detroit: Become Human, for example, Cage pointed out that single streaming gameplay cannot show all the facets and narrative options offered by the game. This element would, therefore, have encouraged viewers to become active players, to experience first-hand paths other than those undertaken by the streamer followed. In this way, says Cage, the Youtuber “have become our allies, and they helped us promote the game. “

Josef Fares, speaking of A Way Out, proposed a similar reflection: ” I remember when it came out, A Way Out […] was the first game on Twitch”. This had led the team to fear the worst, “ But – he continues – he later sold very well, because people saw him and wanted to play him. In the case of A Way Out, it was because they wanted to play it with someone who hadn’t seen it on Twitch.”

Two interesting ideas for sure: what do you think? Seeing playing a title on Youtube or Twitch invites you to try it for yourself or not?