Everreach: Project Eden The First Gameplay Video Reveals the Release on PC, Xbox One and PS4


The developers of Elder Games publish a video game of Everreach: Project Eden to let us know their interesting roleplaying action and confirm their arrival by PC, Xbox One and PS4 by the end of the year.

Created in collaboration with Headup Games, Elderreach Project Eden draws inspiration from such masterpieces as Mass Effect and Gears of War to take us to Eden, a distant alien planet rich in mineral resources and secrets to be discovered among the ruins of an ancient civilization now extinct.

Our task will be to take on the role of Nora Harwood, an astronaut in charge of analyzing the area designated for the construction of the first planetary colony. Thanks to his military training and hyper-technological equipment, Nora will be able to defend himself from the creatures that populate the alien world and enter the most dangerous regions of the planet to hunt for resources and artifacts with which to expand his skills.

In the intentions of the authors of Elder Games, Project Eden was created to meet the needs of third-person shooter fans focused on storytelling, or at least this is the intention of the story’s writer Michelle Clough, one of the main authors of the plot of the trilogy of Mass Effect: at least initially, therefore, there is no multiplayer mode.

The marketing of Everreach: Project Eden is scheduled for September on PC and Xbox One. The PS4 version will be launched by the end of the year, as confirmed by the same guys from Elder Games giving us the video that you find at the top of the news.