Fortnite: Where to Find the Fortbyte 21 Inside a Metal Blade Construction

Fortbyte 21

Fortnite players can search for a new Fortbyte hidden on the Royal Battle Island. We are talking about the Fortbyte # 21 that is inside a metal blade construction: in this mini-guide we explain how to get it, showing you its exact location.

After having shown you where to find the Fortbyte # 29 located under the tree in the chalet in Blow from a Master, below we explain how to get the Fortbyte # 21 inside a metal Blade construction, available starting today.

Where to find the Fortbyte # 21 inside a Metal Blade construction

The Fortbyte # 21 is located north-west of Crocevia del Ciarpame, inside the Lama-shaped building. To help you trace the structure in question, we have highlighted its position with the red circle drawn on the map at the bottom of the page.

All you have to do to get the Fortbyte # 21, therefore, is to land near the Crossroads of the Junk, reach the Metal Blade, go inside it and collect the chip. To find the position of the chip more easily, we advise you to watch the video proposed at the beginning.

If, on the other hand, you need help finding the other Fortbytes scattered around the Royal Battle Island, you can consult our constantly updated guide that tells you where to find all the Fortbytes currently known from Fortnite Season 9.