GameStop Will Renew Its Stores to Continue to Survive in the Future

Gamestop USA:

The video game market is constantly changing and GameStop knows that in order to survive it is necessary to evolve along with it. The well-known retailer chain has just announced a partnership with the design company R / GA, aimed at renovating commercial spaces and creating new experiences in stores.

The new stores will have a structure designed to look more appealing in the eyes of gamers, both old and new, and will provide “new ways” to test games before buying them. Some will focus on eSports, organizing competitive sessions on site, while others will focus exclusively on retro gaming, selling vintage hardware and software. The new concepts will soon debut in selected markets, whose identity has not been revealed.

That GameStop isn’t doing very well, it’s well known. The explosion of digital and subscription services have pushed away many gamers from the traditional chain. All this, together with the physiological decline in sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, did not allow the company to achieve satisfactory financial results in the first quarter of 2019, resulting in a stock crash of 39%. GameStop has already tried to renew itself in the past, focusing first on the sale of collectibles and then on mobile phones. With this new move, in your opinion, will it be able to attract gamers back to itself?

Meanwhile, the company is anxiously awaiting the arrival on the market of the new Nintendo Switch Lite and, above all, of the next generation of consoles. In this regard, she said she was delighted with Sony and Microsoft’s decision to include the disc readers on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, thanks to which the physical format will continue to survive.