News on Pokemon Sword and Shield Expected for July 21st?

In Pokemon Sword and Shield We Will Have Access to Only the Galar Pokedex: Here Are the Reasons

According to the ever-punctual, on July 21st the new episode of the PokénchiTV show will be broadcast in Japan, during which new details on Pokemon Sword and Shield could be revealed.

The official website of the program makes it known that ” the new episode of Pokénchi will allow to discover the latest news on the eighth-generation Pokemon that will debut with Pokemon Sword and Shield “, at the moment it is not clear if the reveal will concern novelties may be already known in West and still in the process of being officially revealed for the Japanese public, as Gigamax works.

In any case, it is possible that the episode can actually reveal unpublished details on Pokemon Sword and Shield, to find out we just have to wait until July 21, the date of transmission of the show on Japanese TV. The two new games of the series will be released on November 15th all over the world, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.