Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Maker 2 Dominate in Japan in June

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In June, the Japanese market has rewarded Nintendo both from the hardware point of view and for software sales, as evidenced by the latest data released by Media Create.

Specifically, Nintendo ranks first in the publisher ranking with 465,000 copies sold, followed by Level-5 (196,000 copies) and Bandai Namco (133,000 pieces). On the hardware front, Switch places 189,000 units, PS4 102,000 units while the consoles of the 3DS / 2DS family stop at an altitude of 12,000, a clear sign of how the commercial appeal of the platform is now reduced.

Ranking Japan June 2019

  1. [NSW] Super Mario Maker 2 196.153
  2. [NSW] Yokai Watch 4 We Are Looking Up at the Same Sky 191.097
  3. [NSW] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 75.505
  4. [NSW] Doraemon Story of Seasons 65.544
  5. [NSW] Super Smash Bros Ultimate 46.339

The best-selling game in Japan in June was Super Mario Maker 2 with 196,000 copies distributed, the Japanese Top 5 last month is entirely occupied by Nintendo Switch games. In second place we find Yokai Watch 4 We Are Looking Up at the Same Skyfollowed by Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball, Doraemon Story of Seasons and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which despite being available for over six months can achieve results comparable to those of a new Exit.