No Man’s Sky Will Receive Other Free Updates After Beyond? Sean Murray Talks About It

No Man's Sky

After a long media silence justified by the need to get away from the sector press, Sean Murray proves to be particularly talkative in this waiting period for the launch of No Man’s Sky Beyond and explains, from the pages of PCGamesN, if he intends to develop new updates for his sci-fi adventure.

Responding indirectly to those who now consider the development of No Man’s Sky and asks Murray to take care of another project, the boss of Hello Games explains that “I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy with the game when I watch it. Probably you too (referring to his interviewer, ed), looking at a piece you’ve written in the past, you never think that that’s the best thing you’ve ever written. I think it is the same even when you are working on a game, you observe everything with the eyes of those who want to adjust and change what can be improved, on the other hand, this is the driving force that drives us in our work. Every time we arrive at the end of the development of an NMS update, the enthusiasm that drives us to look at the work done and to tell us, literally from the day after the release, that we would have liked to do something else and that we would have needed more time to add other things “ .

Even with all this passion, however, Murray himself admits that sooner or later the time will come to conclude the development of the mammoth No Man’s Sky project, declaring in this regard that“NMS users play on average from 25 to 50 hours, and it is a parameter with which we must confront each other in development and of which we have to worry. […] We know that no matter how exciting our game is because at the end even the biggest emotions tend to fade, right? I mean, after 100 or 1,000 planets explored, even the crew of the Enterprise was bored and needed a vacation. Until now, users have surprised us, for example by dedicating more time to build the bases and less to pure exploration […] I have nothing against the development houses that create sequels, but I would devote myself to a possible sequel to NMS only if I felt the fire burning inside me a passion that pushes me to do it “ .

The launch of No Man’s Sky Beyond is expected by the end of the summer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One: the new free update will introduce lots of additional features, including support for PS VR and multiplayer activities.