On Fortnite the New PUMP Shotgun Is Coming in Epic and Legendary Version

PUMP Shotgun

One of the “historic” weapons of Fortnite, the Pump Shotgun, present in the Battle Royale mode since day one, is about to receive an important update, and will, therefore, return in two new variants: epic and legendary. the

It was announced by Epic Games itself, taking the players by surprise, as it is one of the few things that the usual data miners could not find in the game code. Therefore, after the three Fortnite patch 9.30 updates, the new weapon seems to be the main feature of Fortnite’s upcoming update 9.40.

As can be guessed from the description of the weapon, it is a simple updated version of the shotgun, whose epic version already existed, while the new legendary version promises to be an even more significant improvement.

According to the widespread image, the shotgun will also undergo a small redesign, as well as an improvement in statistics. You can see the image at the bottom of the news. The introduction of the weapon could be an attempt by Epic Games to counteract the decline in views in Fortnite streams. As we told you yesterday in fact, it seems that the battle royale, in general, is losing appeal on Twitch and on the other platforms.

What do you think? Are you happy with the update of the historic weapon, or are you not the close combat types?