Overwatch: Blizzard Evaluates the Forced Blocking of Games Ruined by Cheaters

Overwatch Third Anniversary: ​​the Special Event Officially Kicks Off!

Taking advantage of the video presentation of the Overwatch Summer Games, the leaders of Blizzard Entertainment discussed the interventions that will be completed shortly to counter the cheaters that threaten to ruin the experience of fans of their iconic hero shooter on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

On the basis of the information shared in the video of the last Developer Update in July by Jeff Kaplan , Overwatch’s chief developer reports that he “improved the system used to detect cheaters”, thus allowing him to verify that all the games are played fairly . If the system reports anything suspicious, it will automatically intervene to end the game and close the lobby .

Regarding the inevitable criticisms that will be made to the developers by those who will be forced to leave the game because of the cheaters, Kaplan himself specifies that “we want to make sure that nobody is penalized for the early closure of the match: all this will not affect the ranking and statistics of the players, especially in the competitive modes. Thanks to the new evolution of the cheater detection system there will be very hard actions for the cheaters, you can be sure. 

Even the authors of Respawn Entertainment are facing the same problem with Apex Legends and, to try to solve it, they decided to create specific lobbies in which to gather the cheaters through the matchmaking of their famous battle royale.