Pokemon Go: Dark and Purified Pokemon Coming and Changes to Pvp

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Summer has always been the hottest time for Pokemon GO and summer 2019 does not seem to make an exception to this rule: the dataminer have discovered in the past few hours references to the Dark Pokemon and Purified Pokemon in the most recent game update.

These two new types of monsters are expected to make their appearance in the coming weeks before the arrival of important news regarding PvP battles. In all likelihood, the debut of the Shadow and Purified Pokemon will be tied to the appearance of Team Rocket, not yet confirmed but already leaked thanks to the work of the leakers.

In terms of PvP, Niantic Labs has promised improvements for coach battles, with a more reasoned and more strategy-oriented combat system, rather than pure “tapping” as is currently the case. We look forward to any news from the developers, and the first details on the Pokemon GO x One Piece crossover should also emerge soon.