Vampyr: Dontnod’s Horror Action Release Date Unveiled on Switch


The spheres of Focus Home Interactive announce the official release date of the Nintendo Switch version of Vampyr, a popular roleplaying action in Dontnod horror commercialized in June last year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

According to information shared by the publisher and the French developers, the reissue for the Nintendo Switch by Vampyr will be available during the month of October, thus allowing the users of the Kyoto hybrid console to immerse themselves in one of the most interesting dark-colored adventures of the last years.

The great success achieved on PC, PS4 and Xbox One will thus give Dontnod the necessary momentum to create a port capable, as far as possible, of offering a graphic experience similar to that of the original editions. From an exquisitely narrative point of view, we remind those who are only now approaching this intellectual property that Vampyr tells the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid , a doctor who, in the London of the beginning of the 1900s plagued by the Spanish Influence , will become a vampire in spite of himself and will have to figure out which way to go, whether to embrace evil and hunt down human beings or fight against one’s instincts. All this, of course, will be reflected in the gameplay mechanics and on the ability, for Reid’s emulators, to evolve paranormal abilities and fighting skills as they progress through the adventure once they have embarked on their favorite narrative and “moral” path.

While waiting for October to arrive to immerse ourselves in the lurid atmospheres of the Switch version of Vampyr.