Watch Dogs Legion: Prison or Death? to You the Choice!

Watch Dogs Legion Is Set After Scotland Left the UK

Watch Dogs Legion promises to be the most ambitious chapter in the saga. The new Ubisoft title will allow players to impersonate any citizen of a post-Brexit future London on the verge of collapse.

Each character will have a different story, characteristics, and animations, to the advantage of variety. The developers have put together a colossal script, which will take into account all the variables involved and the choices made by the players. The controllable characters, among other things, will be able to face permanent death, a novel mechanic for the saga. In that case, the players will be forced to impersonate another of the DedSec followers.

In an interview granted to Gaming Bolt, the creative director Clint Hocking was able to investigate the functioning of this state, which apparently could be avoided: “Permanent death is always an option for the player. When your energy goes down to “zero”, you enter a state of critical health. At this point, you are always offered the opportunity to surrender and go to prison. You can systematically get the Captive Operators to escape or wait for them to be released. not to surrender and to continue fighting, then you risk permanent death”.