What Happened to Devotion? Red Candle Traces the Fate of the Horror Film Removed from Steam

Red Candle Traces

The leaders of Red Candle, the Taiwanese developers of Devotion, publish a message on Twitter to offer us the latest updates on the controversy that, in February of this year, prompted Valve to remove their promising horror from Steam in the wake of protests by Chinese users.

After expressing all their regret for those who wish to play their dark-hued adventure, the upper echelons of the Asian software house explain that “while the mediation is still ongoing, the Red Candle co-founders have made the unanimous decision of not wanting to republish the game shortly, as well as wanting to get IP exploitation rights or brand resale rights, all to avoid any misunderstanding. While we reflect on the situation that has arisen, we notice that many friends, the media and the protagonists of the sector are beginning to understand that the accident was actually a malfunction in the management of the project being developed, rather than a deliberate act”.

The cause of the controversy that overwhelmed the developers of Red Candle was the reporting by Steam users of the presence within the game of a drawing that united the Winnie the Pooh bear to the President of the Republic in an offensive way Chinese People, Xi Jinping.

The not particularly idyllic relationship between the governments of Taiwan and mainland China has contributed to exacerbating the tone of the clash and consequently determined the almost immediate removal of Devotion from Steam, in spite of the excellent criticism received up to that point by horror claustrophobic of Red Candle and the intervention made by the Taiwanese developers themselves with an update that removed the offending image.

Despite the fact that several months have gone by since the crime, in short, the controversy has not yet returned and the managers of the Asian software house, already risen to the headlines of the videogame for the evocative detention horror project, prefer to avoid any misunderstanding of any kind and maintain a submissive attitude in the hope that the situation becomes clear once and for all.