Apex Legends: The New Update Solves the Havoc Glitch

Apex Legends: The Challenges Come in Season 2, Here Are Some of the News

Yesterday, Respawn Entertainment released a brand new update for Apex Legends with the aim of fixing some of the issues facing the battle royale.

Here are all the details of the update:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented from correctly viewing the final Lifeline move titled DOC’s Shock Finisher in the menu
  • Fixed an issue related to text placement on the statistics screen
  • Fixed some crash problems related to the client and to script errors
  • Players should now be associated with the most appropriate data center for their location
  • Players can no longer unlock Octane’s Level 94 loading screen for the Season Pass without having successfully achieved it
  • The Havoc can no longer fire before the charging period thanks to an exploit
  • Now the refill capsules should no longer get stuck in the map

In addition, the developers have indicated that all the statistics of Season 1 have been temporarily disabled to allow the team to take care of the problem and solve it in peace.

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