Darksiders 3: Fury Returns to Action in the Second DLC, Keepers of the Void

Darksiders Genesis: Will the Fourth Chapter Be Announced During E3 2019?

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games released the second DLC of Darksiders 3, entitled Keepers of the Void. The content can be downloaded on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at no extra cost to Season Pass holders. All the others, instead, can buy it at a price of 12.99 euros.

” On a mission on behalf of Vulgrim, Fury must cross the serpentine passages to eliminate an ancient threat. New areas, new puzzles, and enemies wait for nothing more than to test the abilities of Fury. As a reward, he can unlock new weapons for each form and the most coveted prize of all: the Armor of the Abysses “.

Keepers of the Void, like any self-respecting DLC, introduces new environments, new environmental puzzles to solve, enemies never saw before and new weapons to use in battle to destroy them. A taste of the new contents can be found in the launch trailer that THQ Nordic published for the occasion. We have attached it at the beginning of the news, good vision!

We take the opportunity that soon the franchise will return by the end of the year in a different form than usual with Darksiders Genesis, a spin-off Action-RPG that will bring down the players in the role of War, old acquaintance of the first chapter, and Conflict, fourth Knight of the Apocalypse for the first time proposed in playable form.