Destiny 2: Bungie Reveals How It Used to Decide the Bizarre Names of Weapons

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In Destiny 2 there is an incredible amount of exotic and legendary weapons whose names, quite often, are rather bizarre. But how are the names of the various instruments of death assigned? It was the Bungie developers who explained it to us.

It seems that most of the names given to arms are the result of the minds of the game director Chris Battett, of the narrative designer Eric Raab and of the chief creative officer Jason Jones, who long ago filled an entire diary with strange names that from time to time they are fished out when new guns are launched. According to Luke Smith’s words, many of these names were never used because they were considered too stupid or unsuitable for the development team by the game. It seems however that Bungie has no intention of abandoning his own traditions and it is almost impossible that the names of all the next weapons are too serious.

We can also not consider the more classic ones with references to lore, just think for example of the weapons and armor of the Iron Banner, which often contain the names of more or less known characters.

Waiting to discover the new exotic coming with Shadowkeep, we remind you that the final moves of Destiny 2, present in the next DLC, will occupy a new slot of the inventory. If you are nostalgic, you should also know that you can get the Evil Karma in Destiny 2.