Dragon Quest XI: Square Enix Has an Announcement on the Character of Erik

Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch Finally Has a Release Date!

Scoop morning was given to us by V-Jump that, after revealing that Goku will not be the only playable character in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and that Galena and Kane will be the two new arrivals in Jump Force, also unveils new features on Dragon Quest XI.

This is the character of Erik, who will not only have his one-shot manga dedicated in August, with Dragon Quest XI S: The Special Starting Book , by Hiro Mashima , but it also seems that Square Enix has an announcement about the same in Serbia Erik, for the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2019, scheduled for next August 3rd.

It is currently unclear what the announcement in question may concern, although some time ago Square Enix released artwork of a new title in the Dragon Quest Monsterssaga in console development, showing a young Erik and his sister Mia as the main protagonists of the game.

Is the announcement of a new Dragon Quest Monsters videogame coming? All that remains is to wait until August 3 to find out. What do you think?