Fortnite 9.40: All the Novelties of Royal Battle, Save the World and Creative Mode

Fortnite 9.40

The 9.40 Fortnite update is now available, bringing with it interesting new features such as the Tactical Heavy Rifle in the Epic and Legendary variants and various bonuses to celebrate the second birthday of Save the World.

Fortnite Royal Battle

Heavy tactical rifle – Epic and legendary 
The Tactical is back in a whole new guise. Jump in and try out the epic and legendary versions now!

Fortnite Creative Mode

Floating Kevin Island 
Build a floating fortress on a new island. Kevin is back.

Ball Generator 
Let’s play! Add motion ball physics to your game world to create a variety of game modes and interactions.

More channels for activators and receivers 
The number of channels for activators and receivers has been increased to allow even more chaos on your islands.

Fortnite Save the World

Fortnite’s Second Birthday 
Celebrate two years of Fortnite with assignments and a birthday-themed hero!

Birthday blade 
An open birthday full of heroes and weapons of the past year of Fortnite events!

The 9.40 Fortnite update also solves various bugs and technical problems related to social sharing, audio, and graphic glitches, as well as improving overall stability on all platforms.

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