Fortnite: Extraordinary Time Returns, Here Are All the Rewards

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Exactly as it happened in the last season of Fortnite Battaglia Reale, also this time the Extraordinary Time Challenges will be published at the end of Week 10.

For those who do not know what they are, the Extraordinary Time Challenges are special challenges dedicated to the Battle Pass holders, thanks to which it is possible to unlock alternative styles for some of the main skins of the season.

Thanks to the work of the dataminer, mini-event objectives and rewards were discovered, here is a complete list:

  • Complete all the challenges to unlock the reward – 15,000 Experience Points
  • Phase 1 of 2: Reach level 23 of the Battle Pass
  • Phase 2 of 2 Complete 3 Extraordinary Time Challenges – Jonesy Bunker’s alternative style
  • Phase 1 of 2: Reach level 71 of the Battle Pass
  • Phase 2 of 2 Complete 6 Extraordinary Time Challenges – Alternative style of Storm Chaser
  • Phase 1 of 2: Reach level 87 of the Battle Pass
  • Phase 2 of 2 Complete 9 Extraordinary Time Challenges – Masako’s alternative style
  • Work with friends to get rids – 2,500 Experience Points
  • Inflict damage to your opponents with a heavy rifle (try group assistance!) – 2,500 Experience Points
  • Visit Sacking Shores, Polar Peak and Pressure Plant – Loading Screen
  • Revive a friend in 3 different games – 5,000 experience points
  • Inflict damage to your opponents with an assault rifle (try group assistance!) – 5,000 Experience Points
  • Dance inside the hologram of Durr Burger’s head – Upload Screen
  • Positioned among the top 15 teams in Couples or Teams with a friend – 10,000 Experience Points
  • Inflict damage to opponents with machine guns (try group assistance!) – 10,000 Experience Points
  • Score goals in an indoor door – Upload screen

As you can easily guess from the long list of challenges, once again the reward for completing all the challenges will not be next season’s Battle Pass but a fair amount of experience points. It is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to recover some level of the pass of Season 9 and, perhaps, reach level 100.

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