Fortnite: The Breakpoint Bundle Arrives, Here Are the Alternative Styles of the Banner Brigade Set

Fortnite: The Breakpoint Bundle Arrives

One of the skins present in most of the last Fortnite Battaglia Reale leaks is Breakpoint, the alternative version of Waypoint that will soon be the protagonist of a new and exclusive package.

To replace the Rise of Shadows package should in fact reach the Breakpoint’s Challenge Pack, a bundle that, at a price of around 19.99 euros should contain the skin, it’s decorative back and a series of simple challenges that, if completed, will allow you to add 1,000 V-Buck to your virtual wallet. Unfortunately, there is no definite information on the release date of this package, but it is very likely that it will arrive in the game store within a few days.

Another novelty that emerged thanks to the work of the data miner concerns the Banner Brigade set, spotted for the first time a few days ago. Confirming what has been claimed by some of the leakers, all the skins in this set will be able to change color thanks to the different alternative styles. Judging by the images posted on Twitter, the colors that we can apply to the objects in this set are: purple, pink, blue, green, orange, gray, yellow and red.

Have you already seen the Fortnite robot’s skin, obviously inspired by the Power Rangers’ Megazord?