Google Will Answer All Questions on Stadia on July 19, in the First Reddit AMA

Google Stadia

Through its social channels, the Mountain View giant has announced that starting from Friday 19 July it will hold the first Reddit AMA dedicated to Google Stadia, during which it will dispel all the doubts of the players about the new service of streaming gaming.

For the uninitiated, with Reddit AMA refers to a session of questions and textual answers conducted on the famous social network by developers/creators in person, with the aim of dispelling the main doubts of the community. For the occasion, the session will be held by Andrey Doronichev, Director of Product of the Stadia project, who will select and answer the most interesting questions. If you have any questions – clearly in English – you can already do it by going to this address.

During the AMA, we are sure, many interesting details will emerge, which we will not fail to report. Google Stadia will be launched during the month of November, on a date not yet specified. The streaming service has not yet managed to convince the players of its goodness, since it will not propose how many expected a selection of subscription games (like PlayStation Now, for instance), but will require individual purchases. Furthermore, to take advantage of all its advantages (4K, 60fps and more), it will be necessary to pay a separate subscription called Stadia Pro (9.99 euros). Fortunately, there are still several months to go, and Google still has time to resolve the doubts of gamers, starting with the upcoming Reddit AMA.