Harry Potter: Wizards Unite When and How to Find the Werewolves with the Full Moon

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Among the Lost in Harry Potter: United Wizards players can come across the Werewolves. In this mini-guide, we explain to you when and how to meet them in the night game, with the full moon.

The Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Scammers are influenced by the time of day, weather conditions and even the moon phase. The Werewolves, specifically, can appear in the game only at night and with the full moon.

The Werewolves appear only on the day of the month in which the full moon falls and on the two adjacent days (two days before and two days after the full moon), for a total of 5 days. Please note that werewolves will not appear 24 hours a day over these 5 days, but only during the night, that is from two hours after sunset, and up to two hours before sunrise.

As for the current month, the full moon will fall on July 17th: this means that werewolves can be encountered in the game from July 15th to July 19th. Only during the hours of the night.

Since Werewolves are available only five days a month, we advise you to take advantage of the period of their appearance to complete all the fragments of the Curiosity Page containing the Werewolf.

We also recall that the new brilliant event Potter Disaster is currently available.