Kickstarter Blocks the Raw Fundraising Campaign, the GTA Online Clone

Kickstarter Blocks the Raw

With a move destined to be discussed, the leaders of Kickstarter decide to block the fundraising campaign of Killerwhale Games to finance the RAW project, an ambitious multiplayer action inspired by GTA Online and free-roaming titles like Rust.

As reconstructed by Gamasutra’s colleagues, behind this choice there is the will, on the part of the managers of one of the most important crowdfunding sites on the planet, to protect the interests of consumers and those who have decided to participate in the RAW campaign.

The accusation made by Kickstarter’s top management on the Killerwhale team is, in fact, that of having built a fundraising campaign with unattainable targets for the target set by independent developers: the same RAW authors, on the other hand, have launched the crowdfunding of RAW explicitly explaining that they could not have realized their dream if the sum of money entrusted to them by their own bakers had not been deemed “adequate”.

Of all the in-game features and the modalities admired in the RAW presentation video, as a result, only a fraction of them would have been available in the final game, especially if the fundraising campaign had not received the success hoped for by Killerwhale.

The upper echelons of Kickstarter have preferred not to comment on the story, merely reminding the developers of RAW that the site guidelines impose on those who propose their projects to expose them clearly and truthfully, that is, without making too rash promises to those who are interested. Recently, another video game proposed on Kickstarter, Shenmue 3, ended up in the eye of the storm because of its exclusive passage on Epic Games Store and the impossibility, for bakers, to obtain the Season Pass and pre-order bonuses.