Nintendo Records the Mysterious “Nintendo Switch Do” Brand: What Is It?

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Often when companies register trademarks or patents, it is a sign that something is boiling in the pot. Probably so also for Nintendo, which has just registered the Nintendo Switch Do brand in Israel, even if it is not clear at the moment what it is.

What is certain is that the document was presented on 8 July and approved yesterday, 16 July 2019. The goods and services to which it refers are, however, rather generalistic and not specific, such as toys, crystal displays liquids, portable video games, electronic programs and more. In short, we imagine that obviously, it will have to do with the world of video games, but what will it be specifically concerned with?

At the moment the most accredited hypothesis concerns the fact that Nintendo has recently opened its new retail store in Tel Aviv, so the brand in question could be linked to this. However, it could be something completely different: there are those who are ready to bet on a new online service, for example, or some new features of Nintendo Switch Lite.

And obviously, it is not excluded that the patent regards in some way the much-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, an enhanced re-edition of the current Grande N hybrid console, which the Kyoto company has never confirmed.

In short, for the moment we remain in the field of hypotheses. Tell us your opinion: what do you think this Nintendo Switch Do is?