Nintendo Switch: Announced the New Model with Improved Autonomy!

Nintendo Switch Is Updated With the New 8.1.0 Firmware

Not only Nintendo Switch Lite: the Kyoto company has announced a revision of the current Switch model that will be offered in a version with greater battery life than the original.

The new Nintendo Switch model will be marked with the initials HAC-001 (-01) and will enjoy the same Switch Lite SoC, capable of guaranteeing a range of between 4.5 and 9 hours (5.5 hours with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild) against the 2.5 / 6.5 hours of the current model.

This new version of Nintendo Switch will be released in Japan in late August and will be marketed in Europe in early September, while there are still no confirmations for North America. The price should not change (329 euros) while the packaging will be different to allow consumers to clearly distinguish the new model. 

No other changes have been announced for this revision, which should therefore not present other differences than the version currently on the market. Today, Nintendo has also announced new colors for Joy-Con, available from October in the United States while confirmation is awaited for Europe.