Overwatch, Summer Games 2019: How to Unlock the Epic American Reaper Skin


Overwatch players can dedicate themselves to the new edition of the 2019 Summer Games. During the event it is possible to unlock new epic skins: in this mini-guide, we will explain how to get the American Reaper skin.

This year the epic skins of the Summer Games can be earned by completing weekly challenges. Specifically, the American Reaper skin can be unlocked by completing the challenges available from 16 to 22 July.

As you can see in the image shown at the bottom of the page, the challenges in question simply require you to win a certain number of matches in the Quick Match, Competitive Match and Arcade modes. Specifically, to unlock the epic skin of the American Reaper you will have to win 9 games, no later than July 22nd.

The quickest and easiest way to win 9 games is to play in the Quick Match or Arcade modes, where you will generally find a more affordable level of competition. We also remember that other rewards are expected after winning 3 games (the Shark Attack spray) and after winning 6 games (the Punchimari icon).

If you are curious to take a closer look at the American Reaper epic skin, you can watch the video at the top. We point out that during the Summer Games 2019 it will also be possible to get the legendary skins of Genji, Torbjorn, and other roster characters.