Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Water Yield Does Not Convince the Community

Pokemon Sword and Shield

In recent days, the controversy over the (alleged) recycled models of Pokemon Spada and Scudo has been held in check, an eventuality denied by Game Freak, which spoke of ” completely new animations and models “. Now the controversy over the water yield in the two games explodes, not too convincing according to the Pokemon community.

Analyzing the various trailers and promotional videos released to date, many have pointed the finger at the effects of water, almost completely absent especially when Gyarados emerges from the lake, giving the impression that it is almost a liquid of another type and not water.

Many have pointed out that the previous episodes of the series boasted a much better performance from this point of view, with waves, transparencies and in general more accurate and realistic effects. Game Freak has not commented on the statements in question, unfortunately, from the technical point of view Spada and Scudo do not seem to have succeeded for the moment in convincing the players, but it is still missing a few months at the exit and the time to make aesthetic touches are not missing.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available from November 15 on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, new information on the two games should arrive during the weekend during the Japanese Pokénchi transmission.