Rainbow Six Siege: Is Updated, Ubisoft Unveils the Innovations of the Y4S2.2 Update

Rainbow Six Siege Will Have No Sequel- Extensive Support Will Be Provided for Next-Gen

The vibrant competitive universe of Rainbow Six Siege continues to expand, as the Ubisoft authors confirm. Montreal illustrates all the changes and improvements made with the Y4S2.2 update of their iconic FPS multiplayer.

On the basis of the notes of the patch accompanying the publication of this update, we discover that the Y4S2.2 patch focuses on the resolution of the bugs highlighted in the Test Server by those who are grappling with the challenges introduced in Season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege with the Phantom Sight operation. These bugs have mostly affected the PS4 and Xbox One versions, as a result, the Ubisoft Montreal guys have decided to launch this update only on consoles and then return to PC later, should it be deemed necessary, with a minor patch.

Still, according to the interventions made with this update, the Canadian developers have decided to reactivate the shields on all platforms. To improve communication with their fans and speed up the creation of future corrective patches, the Ubisoft Montreal top management then invite fans to consult the pages of the official R6S website with a list of community problems and concerns, such as those they have concerned the recent introduction of the Invisible Friend Fire. Recently, Rainbow Six Siege players have witnessed a new wave of bans affecting those who have used chat exploits to block multiplayer games.