Red Dead Online Invites You to Take Care of Your Horse with a Free Set

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This week Rockstar Games invites players to take care of their most loyal ally, without which they would be totally doomed in the Wild West. All those who play at Red Dead Online this week will receive a free horse care set.

Inside are included a Revitalizing for horses (useful healing substance that can be answered in the saddlebag, to be used in case of serious injuries), two Medicines for horses (to restore health), two Stimulants for horses (give a golden external bar to the Resistance, useful for long rides in the open countryside), 5 oatcakes, 5 hay units and 5 carrots (to ensure that the four-legged companion is well-fed).

Horsemen intending to buy a new steed can also take advantage of a 20% discount on all horses available below rank 40, such as the Tennessee Walker roano flaxen, and a 20% discount on stalls in the stables.

Meanwhile, the Wheeler catalog, Rawson & Co. has been enriched with a new selection of items, namely the elegant wide-brimmed Descoteaux hat, the durable leather Chaps Alvarado from the south of the border and the elegant Gerden morning spurs. Furthermore, the Cossack Hat will continue to be available throughout the week. Finally, we point out that the $300 RDO bonus for Twitch Prime subscribers will remain available until July 19th. The Upper Ammunition Bundle, on the other hand, will continue to be redeemable after that date. Have you already explored the world beyond the borders of Red Dead Redemption 2?