Rocket League’s Radical Summer Celebrates 80’s TV: Here Is Kitt, Supercar’s Car!


Psyonix’s digital forges are preparing to churn out a new series of additional content for everyone who is attending the Rocket League Radical Summer event on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

If the first two phases of Psyonix’s arcade racer summer event focused on the films and culture of the 80s, the third and final phase of Radical Summer will bring out the sandwich that is in us giving us the way of celebrating the TV and television series of the decade dominated by 8-bit consoles.

The undisputed queen of this last in-game party to which we will be able to participate for free from 22 July to 12 August will be KITT, the artificial intelligence that governs the legendary black car of the Knight Rider series transmitted here in Italy as Supercar. During this phase, we will be able to use the Cassettes obtained by playing the different Rocket League modes to unlock items that will range from Voltron’s topper to decals inspired by wrestling legends like Macho Man and Ultimate Warrior. The KITT car can be purchased for $1.99 through the internal store for optional microtransactions.

During the last phase of Radical Summer, we will then have access to the Beach Ball mode, a variation of the 2 on 2 challenges with a beach ball that will be bigger and lighter than the regulation ball. To this will also be added the many mini-modes in time that have gone through the entire Rocket League summer event.