Spider-Man PS4: A Glitch Allows You to Replicate a Scene From Into the Spider-Verse

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4

If you loved Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and you have a copy of the Insomniac Games title on PlayStation 4, then you can’t miss the video that shows a new and particular glitch.

The problem in question makes it possible to recreate within the game one of the most popular scenes among those present in the animated film, in which the young Miles Morales throws himself down from a very high skyscraper in New York. The glitch, discovered by the user Reddit tjk100, allows you to jump off one of the skyscrapers on the game map and then go beyond the ground. The on-screen effect of this problem gives rise to an incredibly similar scene to that of the film and, therefore, is becoming viral on the web.

Before leaving you to the funny movie, we remind you that the game was honored in Far From Home, the last film dedicated to Spider-Man starring Tom Holland. In case you missed it, Marvel’s Spider-Man has recently received a free update with two of the Far From Home costumes, which can be freely used during the adventure.